Monday, 24 November 2014

Sunday Walks...

The smell of wood burning through the crisp Autumn air... Not a breeze felt along the river bank.
An old cottage stood still in time. Boats moored up. The beautiful sound of crisp, golden leaves 
beneath your feet...Peace and quiet.

Enjoying time with Mr B... Taking me to wonderful new places i've not been to before...
We dont get much time together with our different jobs. I work days and he works nights and Sunday is usually our only bit of time together. We pack in soooo much to make up for not seeing each other.
I love our Sundays...Just time to do what we like and explore...
To meet someone you have sooo much in common with is pure happiness to me. My job is stressful and he really has been there through that with me as a tower of strength and love... We are both artists. Mines more of a hobby these days but Mr B's more professional than me as a Comic illustrator as well as a full time position as an engineer.   Our love of illustration and the country side has brought us sooo close together.  I guess for a long time I just accepted i would be on my own. That maybe I wouldnt meet Mr Right...or even Mr Close-Enough?!... But amazing things do happen and I have real proof of that.  Mr B came along when I really needed to be loved.  He showed me what its like to find your soul mate and the person who truly loves you for who you are... We are like two peas in a pod.  Its a wonderful feeling.   I spent so much time alone, walking, exploring, taking trips with my camera in my spare time from work and being a single mother...and just getting on with life the best way i could...I didnt realise what i was missing.  Then suddenly Mr B walks into my life and its awakened my eyes to a whole new life of sharing memories and having a wonderful companion.  Now we explore together, draw together, laugh together and just sooo enjoy being together!.  And for the first time in my life I realised what Love really feels like. 

P.s Sorry! for those thinking this is a rather 'loved up' post~ Sometimes when you feel that happy you cant help shouting from the roof tops!. 

Back down to earth Hehe... Back to the views from our walks.

Mushroom growing from the rocky earth along the River path.

Now towards the coast... Oh' i do like to be beside the sea side, beside the sea.
And beautiful Cornish cottages...

Beautiful boats in the harbour...

A beautiful view...There are sooo many in Cornwall and Devon.

Another dream cottage....

A lovely garden center with Royal connections...

Friendly feathered folk...

Another Sunday ends...and dreams of the next one!

x Kazzy x

Monday, 17 November 2014

O u t d o o r s

That beautiful feeling of freedom.... I just love the moor's in Devon for that sense of wide open space, Autumn colours in the country side and fresh air... A country pub to end up in with a cider after a lovely walk.

Autumn arrangement around the National Trust door to shop.

White horse... very friendly!!!! hoping for some sugar lumps!.

The amazing view from the car.

x  K a z z y  x

Friday, 14 November 2014

S u n s h i n e

Sunshine through my window... Colour and light! 

x  K a z z y x

Sunday, 19 October 2014

By the sea

Lovely to be by the crashing waves and taking in the views...

Beautiful warm blue skies and sunshine...

ready for another busy week a head...feeling refreshed ;0)

x  K a z z y  x

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Woodland & Reserve

A lovely Autumnal walk in the woodlands and down by the nature reserve...
It was lovely this weekend to get out and about somewhere a little further a field.
I just love Autumn, I have said that a lot over the years on my blog, but the beauty of the ever changing colours of the leaves and landscape are just breath taking, especially in Devon.
Lately, i've felt unbelievably tired, my sleeping pattern is just awful at night and i wake feeling i've not slept at all.  But i found after a really good walk my sleeping patterns improved. I always feel my body's best medicine is the country and coast.  ... it was lovely to be out in the country this weekend, exploring new places and being with family.

The reserve has a huge lake...and lots of bird huts, seating area's to enjoy the views.

A few friends we made...

x   K a z z y   x

Monday, 6 October 2014

8 t h

My sweetest girl had an 8th birthday last week...She had a girly 'Frozen' party at home and I paid a talented cake maker friend to create this masterpiece with all the wonderful detail.
She was one happy bunny on her birthday!!!!.

x Kazzy x